iTech Series Interview With April Weber, Integrated Marketing Lead at Infobip

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iTech Series Interview with April Weber

April Weber, Integrated Marketing Lead at Infobip, shares her thoughts with iTech Series about the importance of business-to-human (B2H) approach to go-to-market.

April, your journey to becoming a marketing leader is inspiring. Can you tell us more about it and your current role at Infobip?

At Infobip, I serve as the Integrated Marketing Lead, where I’m responsible for driving the development and execution of our marketing strategies with the help of an amazing team. My role revolves around crafting personalized strategies that merge insights and data with creativity, blurring the lines between sales and marketing. This is what some call business-to-human (B2H) marketing.  I started my career in the revenue side of the house, so I have a combined set of sales and marketing skills that allows me to have a uniquely empathetic approach when building GTM strategies.

As a proponent of business-to-human marketing, how do you integrate that approach into the marketing programs at Infobip?

In our marketing programs at Infobip, we integrate the B2H approach by focusing on creating authentic, empathetic, and personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. We understand that people don’t purchase from businesses; they connect with other humans. So, our marketing initiatives are rooted in thoughtfulness, aiming to make our customers feel valued and understood. We show warmth, and depth in our messaging. We humanize marketing by showing them being human in a natural setting, doing everyday things in an everyday way not in a perfect image of their daily activities.

“We understand that people don’t purchase from businesses; they connect with other humans.”

What roles do you believe real stories play in marketing, and how do you incorporate them effectively from a go-to-market standpoint?

Real stories play a crucial role in our marketing efforts. We believe that sharing authentic stories helps us connect with our audience on a deeper level. By incorporating real stories into our go-to-market strategies, we can create meaningful and memorable experiences for our customers, which ultimately leads to stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

How can marketers balance personalized customer experiences and maintain scalability in marketing initiatives?

Maintaining a balance between personalized customer experiences and scalability is a challenge, but it’s essential for successful marketing initiatives. We achieve this balance by leveraging technology and automation while still prioritizing the human element in our interactions. I get the unique ability to do this for our marketing initiatives as well as work for a company that is helping others create a seamless customer journey. We build conversational journeys by “listening” to where, when, and how the customers want to build connections. By using data-driven insights, we can tailor our marketing efforts to individual customer preferences at scale, ensuring a personalized experience for each customer. We help businesses build omnichannel journeys allowing them to move seamlessly through channels or even stay in one channel if they prefer having their personalized customer journey while still being interactive and human.

As someone who leads integrated demand campaigns, what is the biggest challenge in creating a niche in a fragmented space?

I’d say the biggest challenge in creating a niche in a fragmented space is cutting through the noise and capturing our audience’s attention. Marketing is a noisy and crowded space. To overcome this challenge, we focus on being thoughtful and strategic in our approach. We ensure that our messaging is clear, consistent, and tailored to resonate with not only our target audience but down to the personal level. You have to be authentic and empathetic to the noise and use the tools you have to make each person feel like they are being heard, helped, and engaged within the manner, channel, and even tone of voice they prefer. Use the tools that help with this but don’t abuse the tools.

What are some tips for marketing leaders on keeping the team consistently motivated and aligned with the marketing objectives?

Keeping the team consistently motivated and aligned with our marketing objectives is crucial for success. However, marketing moves at warp speed as well as a snail’s pace. So transparency and realistic but structured goals are a necessity to keep teams aligned. I also believe it is imperative to install a healthy combination of goals and not take yourself too seriously. And I am always open for venting or unofficial therapy sessions.

Considering the evolving marketing landscape, what trends will dominate marketing strategies in the coming years, and how can marketers adapt to these changes?

Looking ahead, I believe that the evolving marketing landscape will be dominated by trends such as AI and machine learning, personalization, and interactive content. To adapt to these changes, marketers need to stay agile, embrace new technologies, and continue focusing on creating meaningful connections with their audience. Ultimately, it’s about staying customer-obsessed and being willing to evolve with the times.


Infobip stands as a global leader in omni-channel engagement, offering a spectrum of messaging channels, tools, and solutions for enhanced customer engagement, authentication, and security. With a commitment to quality engineering, it cultivates the best talent worldwide, fostering innovation and growth. Infobip presents in-house developed solutions and a passionate team across 70+ offices globally redefining communication standards.

A marketing leader with 15+ years of experience, April leads the integrated marketing programs at Infobip. A creative at heart with an unwavering passion for data, she is a proponent of business-to-human (B2H) powered sales and marketing organizations.  She believes in delivering authentic, empathetic, and personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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