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Accelerate Your Growth Strategy With Quality Demand Generation

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Power your demand engine and accelerate your pipeline through tailor-made lead generation programs. Drive quality engagement with your ICP through the right mix of high-intent data, martech stack, and messaging. Offering a variety of campaign flavors backed up with time-tested processes, we ensure that your message resonates with your audience and that your pipeline never goes dry.

Connect and converse with real buyers

Expand your business horizon by using the right tools, channels, content and data intelligence.

Content Syndication

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During the campaign scoping out process, we establish a penetration check of our data against your ABM list and whitespace to give you a sense of the reach of out audience and likely outcomes.

The best publication for content syndication depends primarily on the industry focus of your company. However, this is not exhaustive. If your product or content spans multiple industry spaces and eclectic titles, we could leverage more than one publication for the content syndication program.
iTech Series has its network of digital publications and employs a proven methodology to execute paid editorial services, CPL campaigns, and content syndication campaigns tailored to meet specific customer needs. Our established model has consistently generated ROI over the years for over 700 brands and over 50 agencies.

We usually have a minimal spend in place for any type of billable service. For brands in process of evaluating various types of campaigns, we can offer customised pilot projects where needed.

We promote content through a mix of marketing channels such as email, web and social media to make sure your content reaches the target audience.

Power your lead generation engine with a robust combination of right channels, right tools and the right people.