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We specialize in creating powerful connections that increase demand and brand impact. Operating our extensive network across IT, MarTech, HRTech, FinTech, SalesTech, and AI, we ensure your story resonates with over 10 million decision-makers and industry experts. Let us empower your brand to reach its pinnacle.

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Our audience consists of not just individual prospects but a buying group or buying committee within each segment. Our focus is on engaging each stakeholder across the buying committee through personalized and custom content.

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Our publications attract a global audience. A majority of our readers are based out of North America followed by EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

Our publications play a crucial role in enhancing your brand recall by featuring your brand on our platforms and helping amplify valuable and relevant content to your ICP.

Our entire readership and subscribers across our publications are around 350k including audience data, first-party data, and social media.

Through our in-house martech stack, we can establish a penetration check for interest across our publications for your targeted ABM list. Our intent data providers also help augment, verify, and establish surging companies for the keywords that matter the most as well as behavioral patterns. Using all the info, we provide a guesstimate of the total addressable market and likely extraction of leads.

We offer tech brands customized paid content packages that includes sponsored content in the form of news announcements, guest articles, interviews, podcasts and more. However depending on the scope and size of the engagement, we also offer these services as complimentary.