BOSTON–()–Leading SaaS buying platform Vendr today announced the launch of Explore, a dynamic catalog of the entire software ecosystem built to help companies make faster and more informed purchasing decisions. Powered by the deepest SaaS data set in the world, Explore provides a transparent view into more than 19,000 products, allowing procurement and finance teams to compare alternatives, sort and filter based on priority features, and see where a company has already invested to identify opportunities to consolidate and save. Dynamic market share insights also help businesses analyze what others are buying, break down compliance details, and uncover pricing trends so negotiations are fair for both buyers and sellers.

Backed by unbiased data from billions in spend processed from tens of thousands deals and thousands of suppliers, Vendr helps buyers understand which solution is the best fit for their needs, and only connects sellers with the most high-intent buyers. Vendr guarantees fair pricing terms, streamlined procurement, and risk-free purchases for many suppliers — like Gainsight, Gong, ZoomInfo, and Snyk — or Vendr will buy out the contract.

“The way software is bought and sold today is filled with friction. Buyers operate without enough data to know if they are getting the right product at a fair price, while sellers spend 70-80% of their time with people that will never buy. The whole process is broken,” said Vendr co-founder and CEO, Ryan Neu. “The launch of Explore is a huge step in our mission to create a transparent and frictionless buying and selling experience. The result is winning outcomes for both sides—fair pricing, faster purchase cycles, and fewer wasted resources.”

Vendr delights hundreds of customers, including Brex, Drift, and Dashlane, who trust Vendr to find, buy, and manage enterprise software—a top line expense Gartner predicts will exceed $750B this year. As costs skyrocket alongside the number of providers, Vendr has saved companies hundreds of millions of dollars on SaaS spend by organizing their stack, speeding up internal procurement processes, and empowering teams with the tools they need.

More data means more confidence. Kick off the purchase process in one-click by visiting Explore today:

About Vendr

Vendr is changing how companies find, buy and manage SaaS. The first of its kind, Vendr’s SaaS buying platform offers both a product and people-powered service to enable the world’s fastest-growing companies to purchase software quickly and with guaranteed savings. Today, Vendr has facilitated billions in SaaS purchases across thousands of suppliers for Finance and Procurement teams at HubSpot, Brex, Canva, Reddit, Toast, and more. Headquartered in Boston with a second location in Charleston, Vendr was founded in 2019 by Ryan Neu and co-founders Ariel Diaz and Aaron White, who joined the team through the acquisition of Blissfully in 2022. Learn more at