SEOUL, South Korea–()–Global premium film brand IVIOS announced today launch of KAIZER Z12 Paint Protection Film, a new product offering powerful protective function and durability.

IVIOS’s KAIZER Z12 Paint Protection Film is a 12 mil thick (approx. 300 µm) product, which is thicker than the 8 mil (approx. 200 µm) ordinary PPF products. It provides an upgraded protective function with improved elasticity compared to that of other companies’ products. This is a premium paint protection film created by applying the Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology, a unique top-coating technology independently developed by IVIOS’s Coating & Material Science Laboratory.

The Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology prevents the surface of a PPF product from being contaminated by pollutants in various environments, helping the product maintain excellent exterior condition longer. KAIZER Z12 provides excellent stain resistance, non-yellowing, solvent resistance and durability along with strong protection, making it ideal for high-end cars and sports cars that require more protection, as well as off-road vehicles exposed to rough road conditions and environments.

Special Features of KAIZER Paint Protection Film Products

  • Excellent protection of car’s painted surface with 12 mil total thickness of PPF
  • High level of transparency based on premium TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) base film
  • Long-lasting, non-yellowing property under UV exposure
  • Industry-leading advanced top coating technology
  • Strong antifouling, solvent-resistant, and stain-resistant properties against various pollutants and the environment
  • Easy to Install with the antistatic function of film
  • Excellent self-healing worked by light heat or residual heat from the engine
  • Superior water repellency

IVIOS Brand Managing Director, Steve Kim explained that KAIZER Z12 Paint Protection Film offers a further upgraded function to protect the painted surfaces of vehicles. “In addition to the increased thickness and upgraded elasticity, this product features top coating with the highest durability in the market. This is what differentiates it from other products in the market that provide the basic top coating with only the thickness increased. For this product, which was developed for vehicles offering premium painting options, we focused on the needs of high-end vehicle users. This is because it is also important to protect the painted surfaces and maintain the exterior quality of the product longer. In addition to the automobile market which has diversified and expanded to an advanced level, the PPF market is also showing dramatic growth. IVIOS will continue developing and launching new products by monitoring the needs of the automobile market and consumers,” he added.

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