BENTONVILLE, Ark.–()–Pacific Ridge (PACRIDGE), a vertically integrated farming food company based in Saskatchewan, Canada, announced today it is expanding operations to the U.S. (United States), headquartered in Northwest Arkansas. PACRIDGE brings with it a deeply foundational vision of soil-to-shelf regenerative farming by empowering farmers, retailers and consumers with transparency and technology.

Ken Grenier, PACRIDGE Chief Executive Officer, says, “We partner with farmers across 375,000+ acres of dryland farms, and with our new True Crops™ app technology, will start expanding regenerative farming practices and products to more farmers, retailers, and ultimately consumers’ homes. Our expansion to NWA is truly the perfect next step to carry out our vision.”

PACRIDGE is farmer owned, and partners with the True Crops™ farming community to lead transformative environmental & corporate sustainability efforts supplying the highest quality, sustainable plant-based foods, beverages, and ingredients.

The new True Crops™️ app provides crop traceability from seed-to-self and improves access to regenerative food products one farm at a time. While the energy-efficient Sonic Milling™️ technology helps enable expansion of regenerative products to more retail food categories.

Through the power of water and energy, the patented Sonic Milling™ process creates shockwaves of sonic energy breaking apart whole grains, nuts, or seeds. The outcome is healthier, highly digestible plant-based beverages, and product ingredients with more nutrient-density.

Grenier explains, it all starts with soil health. For PACRIDGE, regenerative farming is the science and the soul of our soil. Restoring, renewing, and replenishing the land through regenerative agricultural is not a new idea. Regenerative farming practices have always been implemented to improve soil health, crop yields, water resilience, and nutrient density.

Biological inputs (IP) improve soil and plant health for superior nutrient value with seed treatments and bio-stimulants. Through regenerative agricultural practices like adaptive grazing, no-till farming, and inter-cropping, we are able to restore our farmland and significantly reduce the use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Regenerative farming works with nature to reverse soil degradation and builds up the soil to maximize the efficiency of water and biomatter producing a more sustainable, superior crop for people to eat.

PACRIDGE is also leading supply chain innovation with the first PACRIDGE net zero food processing plant. The PACRIDGE Grain Cleaning Plant utilizes the newest technologies, producing cleaner products and operations supported by geothermal and solar power. The plant processes a broad portfolio of sustainable grains and pulse crops.

Founded in 2021, the new facility (rendering attached) will expand PACRIDGE as the leader in regenerative food supply, powered by innovative technology. To open the NWA office, there will be a local staff of leadership teammates to guide PACRIDGE’s growth in the U.S., and with jobs locally. Once open, PACRIDGE will hire for culture and fit, in the areas of Sales, Marketing, EDI, Logistics.


At its core, PACRIDGE leverages innovation and technology to bring ancient regenerative farming practices to the next generation of farmers with a mission to supply healthier plant-based food products, and sustainable ingredients. PACRIDGE continues the journey of soil health building on the practices of the past and innovating for the future. Through the True Crops™ app farmers, retailers, and consumers have access to seed-to-self crop traceability unlocking true transparency, true quality, and true regenerative product validation. The fully integrated vertical supply chain driven by Sonic Milling™, the PACRIDGE Grain Cleaning plant, and ecoLEAN® co-packing capabilities elevate benchmarks for environment and corporate sustainability efforts. For more information, visit the website at