CARMEL, Ind.–()–Lumavate, the digital experience platform (DXP) making it easy for marketers to create powerful digital experiences, today announced the launch of its Product Information Management (PIM) solution.

Using Lumavate’s PIM, marketers no longer need to rely on countless spreadsheets of product information and disparate product files. Instead, marketers can easily create and manage all of their product data and digital assets in a centralized location. Lumavate’s PIM also provides the following benefits:

  • Shorten Speed-to-Market – Add product information and assets in a matter of minutes with no IT or development support required.
  • Ensure Consistency and Accuracy – Empower multiple users in the business to collaborate on the management of product information and assets to ensure it’s always up-to-date.
  • Deliver Dynamic Digital Experiences – Quickly create data-driven digital experiences to showcase products for a wide variety of use cases with real-time product information pulled dynamically from the PIM.
  • Increase Sales – Accelerate revenue growth by recommending relevant products, promoting related parts and accessories, and more.
  • Decrease Costs – Using the PIM significantly reduces the time required to create marketing, sales, or customer support resources. Businesses also see substantial cost savings by reducing the reliance on printed materials by combining the PIM functionality with digital experiences for common use cases such as product guides, product brochures, and more.

“We’re on a mission to democratize digital by making it easy for everyone to build powerful digital experiences for every moment in the customer journey. Our PIM is the next step in Lumavate’s evolution to do just that,” said Lumavate CEO Stephanie Cox. “Our PIM gives marketers the power to truly manage all aspects of their product information and use this information in digital experiences for countless use cases such as product guides, product onboarding, sales resources, and more. It’s a game-changer for manufacturers.”

The Lumavate PIM allows marketers to take control of their product information and customize the PIM to meet the needs of their business. Using the PIM, marketers can:

  • Utilize Product Types to distinguish products from parts and accessories or product lines from different business units or brands.
  • Create an unlimited number of custom attributes for each Product Type to align with product data and related digital assets.
  • Centralize the management of product images, documents, videos, and more tied directly to each product record.
  • Relate products to one another to drive increased revenue from upsells, cross-sells, bundles, parts, accessories, and more.
  • Empower multiple users in the business to create and manage product data and related digital assets.
  • Track product record changes made by any user.

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