GUMI, South Korea–()–The Korean Federation of Mechanical Engineering Societies named the ‘discharge technology/air sterilizing purifier for removing bacteria and viruses floating in the air’ jointly developed by Kumoh Industry with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology one of the ‘Top 10 Mechanical Technologies of the Year 2020’ by The Korean Federation of Mechanical Engineering Societies.

The KIAS All-in-One is an innovative premium air sterilizer that combines clean technology with sterilization technology. This hybrid air purifier, which combines air sterilization and air purification functions at the same time, is capable of comprehensive and effective indoor air quality management. Furthermore, it is equipped with DBD plasma, which uses innovative patented sterilization technology. Plasma removes fine dust, bacteria, and viruses smaller than 0.3 μm and generates hydroxy radicals, a powerful sterilizing and disinfecting substance, while eliminating 99.9% of airborne bacteria such as super bacteria and E. coli.

Among the air purifier products available on the market, there are only two complex air sterilizing purifiers in the world that remove bacteria and viruses, including Kumoh Industry’s KIAS. Despite being a latecomer to the market, Kumoh Industry has a “comparative advantage” over other complex air sterilizing purifiers in terms of price, power consumption efficiency, and maintenance.

Kumoh Industry’s KIAS generates plasma at low voltage to capture bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). KIAS’ technology, based on the creation of ‘dielectric barrier discharge plasma’, was developed after two years of research conducted jointly by Kumoh Industry and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.

KIAS’ plasma generation technology can operate at low voltage (60 W/h, maximum), making it competitive with other products that employ high-voltage plasma generation technology. It is also more affordable, at about a third of the price of its competitors.

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