NEW YORK–()–Payroll Growth Partners (PGP) has announced the acquisition of School Payroll Services (SPS) to bring a host of benefits to the faculty and staff served by SPS. SPS joins the PayBridge family, gaining full access to next-generation payroll tools and services.

SPS, via the go-forward business combination, will be able to leverage PGP’s state-of-the-art payroll technology and promise a seamless transition that will bring significant upgrades to the payroll tools and services available. SPS will now be able to offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions such as the WageLink App and Early Wage Access (EWA) services.

A key feature of this new synergy is the enhanced ease of time and attendance tracking and scheduling substitute teachers, which is particularly crucial in the educational sector. SPS’s expertise in serving charter schools combined with PGP’s futuristic yet familiar tech stack offers an ideal solution for educational institutions adapting to the evolving financial landscape.

SPS co-founder Sandro Lanni, also President of Charter School Management Corporation (CSMC) — a prominent back office support provider for US charter schools — stated: “Joining forces with PGP is not just a business decision, but also a step towards shaping the future of the educational sector. I firmly believe that PGP’s forward-thinking payroll technology makes them an ideal partner for those of us responsible for nurturing the next generation of students, faculty, and staff.”

Simon Babakhani, Managing Partner and founder of PGP, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “Welcoming SPS into the PayBridge family aligns perfectly with our vision of transforming the payroll sector. Our collaboration is set to enhance efficiency, transparency, and alignment with modern workforce needs. Our realistic aim, in partnership with Mr. Lanni’s team and PayBridge, is to establish a top-tier payroll service for educators and administrators across more than a hundred schools nationwide.”

The combined strengths of PGP and SPS are poised to set new benchmarks in payroll management, particularly in the educational sector, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation, efficiency and the betterment of faculty and staff payment systems.

About Payroll Growth Partners: PGP invests in small to medium-sized payroll companies across diverse industries and markets, leveraging best-in-class payroll technology to enhance profitability and drive growth.