LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y.–()–DigitalOptometrics, a leader in telehealth solutions for eye care, announces the unveiling of “DOT” (DigitalOptometrics Translate), a groundbreaking translation service poised to transform the landscape of patient care.

“DOT” is a cutting-edge real-time translation technology that breaks language barriers, allowing eye care professionals to communicate with patients seamlessly in the patient’s preferred language. This innovative service empowers technicians, refractionists, and doctors to engage effectively with patients, irrespective of the patient’s native language.

“Our real-time translation technology is a game-changer for the optometric industry, enabling eye care professionals to extend their reach and provide exceptional eye care to all patients, regardless of their language,” says Howard S. Fried, Founder, Optometrist and President of DigitalOptometrics.

The DigitalOptometrics Translate service, available in 16 languages and dialects, introduces “DOT” (DigitalOptometrics Translate), a remarkable voice translation capability in real-time. This technology opens doors for approximately 68 million Americans with English as a second language or limited language proficiency, ensuring they receive top-notch eye care and eliminating communication barriers hindering eye examinations.

The DigitalOptometrics system empowers eye care professionals and patients to interact seamlessly during eye examinations, fostering visual and verbal instant communication and removing the barrier to eye examinations for millions of patients in the United States.

DigitalOptometrics encourages practices to secure this transformative technology and revolutionize their patient care experience. Our Remote Optometrists are available seven days a week, aligning with your practice’s schedule to provide unparalleled care, or are available to support your staff Optometrists.

Connect with DigitalOptometrics today to experience a remote exam experience that embraces the doctor-patient relationship while delivering quality comprehensive eye exams in under 30 minutes.

“Be More. Live More. D.O. MORE.” is the guiding mantra at DigitalOptometrics, embodying their commitment to augmenting exceptional care and enabling practices to amplify patient volume while nurturing their growth.

DigitalOptometrics is dedicated to partnering with practices to deliver remote, real-time eye exams that surpass expectations and solve staffing and scheduling challenges, empowering practices to thrive.

Join DigitalOptometrics in ushering in a new era of accessible, comprehensive eye care for all with the launch of “DOT” (DigitalOptometrics Translate).

About DigitalOptometrics: DigitalOptometrics is a software technology solution that enables doctors to expand their coverage and increase patient access to eye healthcare. Working in partnership with in-office technicians, licensed optometrists use high-definition video conferencing and remotely operated ophthalmic equipment to conduct quality comprehensive eye exams in real-time from a remote location. The subjective visual findings are followed by delivering an accurate prescription within minutes of the exam conclusion. Learn more at