CHICAGO–()–Bectran, Inc., an industry leader providing cutting-edge credit, collections and accounts receivable automation software, has released an enhanced API designed to automatically reconcile and eliminate inconsistencies in historical invoice and account-level data during the initial onboarding process of adopting Bectran’s accounts receivable solution. This upgraded reconciliation process ensures that net exposure is properly stated and accounted for across the customer account hierarchy quickly, saving you time and preventing errors.

The Bectran Invoice and Account Data Reconciliation API solution was strategically created to allow companies to rapidly and more efficiently import historical AR data into Bectran while maintaining the integrity of the information. The solution uses a set of pre-configured algorithms to automatically isolate and account for differences in related account and invoice data to properly derive and record auditable net exposures.

All too often, as businesses grow and adopt new technologies, migrating historical data to new software platforms is daunting and fraught with inaccuracies. Most of the time, these related hiccups are attributable to procedural inconsistencies, missing information and complexities in the way transactions have previously been recorded.

When companies hit this wall, integrating with software, maintaining compliance with audit and risk controls and firmly establishing net exposure becomes extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible.

“This solution mitigates that risk, allowing even large-scale companies with complex hierarchies and large amounts of historical information to easily integrate with the Bectran platform,” says Louis Ifeguni, CEO of Bectran. “When you are acquiring new business divisions or rapidly growing, maintaining an accurate view of your auditable net exposure is critical. This enhancement ensures that the information you need is collated correctly and easily accessible at the touch of a button — keeping you in control of your exposure and minimizing the risk to your company.”

The API captures accurate net exposure instantly while requiring only a minimal set of intelligent data. Reconcile historical transactions and comprehensively review your company’s total exposure, including disparate divisions and antiquated invoice data, in one cohesive system with the Bectran Invoice and Account Data Reconciliation API.

The invoice reconciliation API is now available to our customers. To start using this API, please reach out to your product services specialist.

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