KIRKLAND, Wash. & BARCELONA, Spain–()–Pivotal Commware, global leader in 5G mmWave infrastructure products for the wireless edge, will debut its next generation Pivot 5G network repeater at 2023 Mobile World Congress Barcelona in Hall 2, Stand 2D15, from February 27 to March 2.

The second-generation Pivot boasts more than four times the power for increased range, optical extension, and other key improvements. It features 7dB more power on the Pivot’s service side, plus a tighter holographic beam on the Pivot’s gNB side, i.e., donor side, meaning that the new Pivot can deliver Gigabit service more than twice as far, more than 3,000 feet. These enhanced capabilities allow mobile network operators (MNOs) to expand the service area while greatly mitigating the impact of foliage.

With the optical interface kit, Pivot’s range and utility can be significantly extended. This feature allows a Pivot’s donor unit to serve up to four service units via hybrid fiber cable. For outdoor installations, this can alleviate the need to line of sight for each location and facilitate robust deployments with fewer systems. Fiber optics also facilitates outdoor-to-indoor installations and large indoor venues like stadiums and other locations traditionally satisfied with DAS. The new Pivot is also simpler and faster to install. The new design features fewer cables and tool-free installation at the pole.

Visitors to Pivotal’s stand at Mobile World Congress Barcelona can learn more about the Pivot 5G, which navigates mmWave signals around obstacles, and the Echo 5G, which penetrates those signals indoors through window glass. The Pivot 5G on display will be attached to a light pole powered by solar, indicative of Pivotal’s successful testing and impending deployment of Pivots on light poles using curved solar panel “sleeves” that can power both Pivot repeater and streetlight without local battery back-up. This feature leverages the low power consumption of Pivotal’s unique Holographic Beam Forming® antenna technology. Municipalities combine broadband, safety, and green initiatives simultaneously.

Other members of Pivotal’s product ecosystem include WaveScape® network planning for optimizing the placement of network elements, including Pivot 5G® and Echo 5G®, for a given coverage objective. Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS), which manages and optimizes the repeater network layer, along with other members of the product ecosystem, will be dramatized by an interactive tabletop display.

The company will also feature its end-to-end repeater deployment solution, Pivotal Turnkey, which uses these products to deliver fixed wireless access (FWA) subscribers to MNOs at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – 25% to 35% the cost of fiber – and lower time-to-revenue. In the United States, 5G FWA has been a runaway success for MNOs competing for their share of the $100 billion U.S. broadband market. As data demand continues to climb at a 40% compound annual growth rate, keeping subscribers happy will require the higher capacity found at mmWave frequencies, freeing up costly and scarce sub-6 GHz frequencies for mobile users. Pivotal Turnkey is deploying in major U.S. cities.

“Pivotal pioneered the mmWave wireless edge with unmatched experience and a complete product ecosystem, including full turnkey implementation,” said Brian Deutsch, CEO of Pivotal Commware. “We look forward to sharing our insights about not only reducing TCO and time-to-revenue for mmWave FWA networks, but also improving coverage and performance for C-Band networks.”

About Pivotal Commware, Inc.

Pivotal Commware created the world’s first product ecosystem dedicated to solving millimeter wave’s most vexing challenges: WaveScape® network planning tool for optimizing the placement of network elements, Pivot 5G network repeaters for navigating signals around obstacles, Echo 5G subscriber repeaters for penetrating signals indoors through window glass, and Intelligent Beam Management System platform for managing and optimizing the repeater network. Pivotal repeaters use its patented antenna technology, Holographic Beam Forming® for lowest cost, size, weight, and power consumption (C-SWaP). Pivotal Turnkey is an end-to-end solution for planning and deploying fixed wireless access (FWA) for Mobile Network Operators. The company is privately held and headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. For more information, visit