NEW YORK–()–Today, freight coordination platform Leaf Logistics announced the launch of Flex Fleets. Leaf’s multi-shipper dedicated trucking fleets are the first of their kind, offering the same high level of service as traditionally owned or leased dedicated fleets, with the agility to adapt to market demand. Shippers now have access to flexible dedicated service in several regions across the United States. Participating carriers and brokers benefit from coordinated multi-shipper tours with consistent schedules without having to repeatedly bid.

“At Leaf, we’re focused on giving our customers tools to make their job in freight transportation easier,” said Anshu Prasad, CEO of Leaf Logistics. “Flex Fleets builds on this promise by offering shippers the benefits of dedicated service with the agility of market contracted freight. Shippers, carriers, and brokers are able to schedule fleets months ahead of time to lock in capacity and keep trucks moving, making their jobs easier through predictable, forecasted capacity.”

Flex Fleets are an extension of Leaf’s platform coordination and planning capabilities. The program leverages Leaf Adapt technology to analyze shippers’ data and coordinate multi-shipper moves across the transportation grid. Flex Fleets execute these coordinated moves at scale, eliminating 76% of empty miles associated with unloaded trucks driving on the road. This reduces shipping costs, allows carriers to earn more with each mile driven, and removes excess carbon emissions associated with unloaded trucking miles. Leaf’s unique Flex contracting and fleet capabilities allow shippers to secure longer-term contracts with favorable transportation providers, while carriers and brokers access long-term schedules and budget certainty.

Shippers such as Johnson & Johnson, BASF, and Party City have already joined Flex Fleets to provide the best on-time performance for their customers. The product gives these shippers the convenience of a dedicated fleet with the flexibility to scale up as customer demand increases. Flex Fleets improve carrier asset utilization and bring cost efficiencies that save shippers up to 30% on their line haul costs and eliminate retailer late fees through 99.9% on time performance.

For carriers and brokers, Flex Fleets offer a unique ability to guarantee work in a preferred location in a repeatable capacity. Carriers who participate in a Flex Fleet gain favorable schedules and obtain guaranteed work and rates for months or years at a time. This allows truck drivers to build a reliable income stream and double their profitability by running more fully-loaded miles, while securing a schedule they prefer.

“Sage Freight’s foremost priority is our people — our brokerage team and the carriers we work with,” said David Norman, COO at Sage Freight. “Access to consistent and desirable freight is exactly what we want to give our driver partners. Through our partnership with Leaf, we’ve been able to offer our carriers high-quality freight, predictable schedules, and coordinated multi-shipper moves that make empty backhauls a thing of the past.”

Leaf piloted Flex Fleets throughout 2022 and has expanded in markets across the United States over the past six months. With this launch, Flex Fleets will continue to scale to serve all major markets by year end.

About Leaf

Leaf Logistics was founded in 2017 with the mission to improve transportation planning through data analytics and machine learning. Leaf’s freight coordination platform helps shippers and transportation providers move freight more efficiently with an emphasis on forward planning. Today, Leaf’s products — Adapt, Flex Contracts, and Flex Fleets — offer users superior financial and service performance as they engage in transportation planning and execution.