ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.–()–Phelps United™ LLC, a leading eCommerce brand accelerator, enablement platform and marketplace agency, today announced a strategic rebrand of its subsidiary, Sourcing Solutions, to Phelps United Sourcing. The rebrand is a direct result of the company’s continued transformation, as well as a reflection of its expanded business model and the new goals set for the next phase of global operations.

Phelps United Sourcing is a channel-centric solution for discontinued and end-of-life products. The team leverages its many years of experience in sourcing, authenticating, testing, and refurbishing discontinued products to provide the best solutions to increase the utility of legacy hardware systems. In order to drive more growth opportunities and better align its brand with its parent company’s mission and goals, the Sourcing arm has decided to move under the Phelps United parent umbrella.

“As we’ve expanded and evolved into our current brand identity, we saw the need to simplify our organizational chart and create synergies across every facet of our company,” said Larry Weng, CEO of Phelps United. “We identified the opportunity to unify our separate business units into one brand – each focusing on different market segments but essentially providing the same service we’ve perfected over the years. We loved the idea, and it clicked immediately.”

The rebranding is one of the final steps in Phelps United’s ongoing efforts to consolidate its various divisions under the company umbrella and to highlight its unique capabilities in different B2C and B2B sales channels. Driven by the desire to cultivate brand identity in practical ways, the consolidation of business units has served as a unifying force, bringing employees closer together under one common brand. The investment in one unified brand also helps to build out the company’s digital footprint to aid its business development efforts.

“After three years of dedicated effort, the merge of our company is now fully realized, and we have successfully consolidated our different business units to achieve greater synergies and provide enhanced opportunities for our valued vendor and client partners,” said Vince Lombard, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Phelps United. “With this latest milestone reached, we’re eager to see continued growth and success in the coming year.”

As part of its ongoing expansion strategy, Phelps United’s rebranding efforts also include expanding the company’s product offerings to Canada and Mexico, the launch of a new website, and the recent relocation of its headquarters from Orange County to Anaheim, California. Additionally, Phelps United plans to extend its geographical reach later this year, targeting the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain.

“We are thrilled about the future of Phelps United and eager to strengthen our commitment to providing cutting-edge eCommerce services to help our partners succeed,” said Weng. “We look forward to continuing to work with our clients to navigate the ever-changing world of eCommerce and drive future success.”

About Phelps United

Phelps United is a leading eCommerce brand accelerator, enablement platform and marketplace agency. It empowers brands to access, navigate, and grow within multiple sales channels while protecting their brand integrity and eliminating channel conflict. Offering a flexible “buy and sell” model along with full agency services, Phelps United invests in its brand partners by purchasing inventory, increasing sales and profitability. In addition, Phelps United accelerates brands through its channel-focused divisions with a proprietary OPTIX software platform that orchestrates eCommerce, marketplaces, broadline distributors, and direct-to-retail sales channels. For more information, visit