Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Zoom, Act-On, Braze and more!

What a week it’s been with the recent Morocco quake where reportedly over 2000 people were killed. Our hearts go out to those affected.

Closer home, when it comes to the latest martech updates and marketing best practices, here we bring you the latest from Zoom, Act-On, IBM and more, read on:


MarTech Quote-of-the-Week!

I think the most common mistakes that we’ve all experienced is that business videos are often too long and take too long to get to the point. Less is more in video marketing – or really any application of business video.

– Gary Lipkowitz, CEO at Vyond


 Top MarTech News of The Week: 04th September to 08th September

MarTech QnA with the Expert

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Think of your customer’s end goal as the destination of your journey. It’s important to start there and then work backwards. Otherwise, it’s like navigating a complex maze without a clear endpoint, and it becomes an exercise in guesswork and potentially wasted effort.

-Scarlett Shipp, CEO at AnalyticsIQ


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